Give Your Home a Face-Lift

Give Your Home a Face-Lift

Start your home renovations in Maple Grove, MN and surrounding areas

Melco Remodeling, Inc. completes home renovations in the Maple Grove & Minnetonka, MN area.

No matter what kind of home remodeling project you need to start, we can handle it. We have the equipment and experience needed to conduct all kinds of home renovations. We can convert your attic into a bedroom, alter the layout of your kitchen by removing and adding walls or replace outdated features in your master bedroom. We'll make sure your home looks exactly like you want.

If you need extra living space, we can build it. Hire us to fully remodel your home in a speedy manner. We can finish attics and remodel your home so you can live comfortably.

Schedule home remodeling or home renovation services by calling 612-598-6338 today.

Check out the benefits of remodeling your home

You should consider remodeling your home in Maple Grove or Minnetonka, MN to:

  • Extend your living space
  • Make room for new family members
  • Boost the value of your home
  • Enhance the appearance of your house
  • Save money on buying a new house

Arrange for full home remodeling and construction services by contacting us right away. We'll build you a new bathroom or bedroom in a flash.

Our Step-By-Step Remodeling Process:

Initial on-site consultation:
We meeting with the homeowner we listen to the client's needs/wishes & providing firm estimate for project completion.
We know what is new and desirable today and can recommend certain things which will increase the value of the property & minimize remodeling costs.

Approval & preparations:

Once the homeowner decides to move forward with the project, we meet a second time to discuss details & when everything is satisfactory to both sides, you then sign a Construction Agreement & then apply for building permit.
(Usually it takes about two weeks for the city to issue a building permit and review the plans)

Construction process:

We starting Construction on scheduled date & supervise every step of the project & inform homeowner if any issues arise or further suggestions to make the project run smoother, save the client money, or the improve property value.

Typically, we have minimum of 4 walk-throughs with homeowners during the project:
1) Locating plumbing, electrical & mechanical fixtures
2) After rough in inspections completion, before drywall installation
3) Tile & flooring placement/pattern
4) Final walk through.